Saturday, February 25, 2012

Polka dots shirt

We finally got some sun! And of course, as you can see, the snow's almost gone. You haven't seen me with a new look for a while now, but I've been really busy, and I couldn't find a free time to shoot pictures for a new look. I hope that days are over now.
The beautiful weather we had today was a great opportunity to go out, and finally take pictures outside. It was a great day, and I finally put my new H&M shirt, and my new watch. I combined it with my New Yorker red bag, and the Zara pants. I'm in love with my new pants, since I'm really into wide-legged pants lately.
 I hope that you like my new look as much as I do. And if you like me and my sister, follow us on Lookbook, Facebook and Bloglovin. Thanks everyone for visiting!


  1. Chic outfit! I definitely love your necklace and pants :)

  2. Baš je lepa kombinacija i super su slike ;)

  3. predivna kombinacija, jako mi se sviđa, kao da si sišla s modnih pista :) jako lijepa ogrlica :)

  4. Pretty look as always!
    Love the blouse <3
    Take care xoxo

  5. nemam zborovi go razgleduvam vasiot blog kombinaciite se bas po moj vkus,prodolzete taka ....

  6. Savrseno! Obozavam vas stil. ;)