Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lauren Conrad: An inspiring role model and a fashion icon

Ever since she launched her own show, a spin-off from the original Laguna Beach, a show which she was part of, she’s been the “it” girl. We’re talking about Lauren Conrad! This girl is really amazing. The moment we saw that first episode from “The Hills” we fell in love with her. That cute face, and especially her great sense of style is what got us into her.  She has always stayed true to herself and her style, she’s now a successful business woman, running her own clothing line, collaborating with Kohl’s, she’s a writer, who’s book was No1 New York best seller, and she’s a great person. She really knew how to benefit from the show, using the fame that the show brought her, and that’s why she’s one of our role models. Tomorrow follows a new look, so thanks for reading our blog, we’ll keep you updated.

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